Evening Programs

UnknownThe final program of the Belfast Garden Club and the Belfast Free Library Winter Program Series will be held in the Abbott Room at the library.

In September of 2013, Lee Sligh took her employees from Lee Schneller on an adventure to central China into Tibet to rendezvous with a crew member who was reuniting with his Tibetan family after many years. Both parts of the trip were inspirational (the latter very poignant and a bit harrowing), and the travel bug spread. In March of 2015, Lee took the crew to Japan again to see dozens of diverse and beautiful gardens around Kyoto. In October of 2016, a third trip took a larger group back to Kyoto and also Hiroshima.

Lee Sligh and Liz Stanley will show slides, and talk about traveling (and eating) with fellow gardeners, some of the principles of Japanese design, and what they've brought back to create gardens here in Maine.

Lee Sligh is an author and owns Lee Schneller Fine Gardens - http://www.leeschneller.com.

Liz Stanley works for Lee Schneller Fine Gardens and also the University of Maine Cooperative Extension - https://extension.umaine.edu/about/.