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October 17, 2017
Woodland History and Ecology in Waldo County
Presented by Morten Moesswilde

The forests of New England are diverse, and Waldo County is at a geographical crossroads, with a broad range of both northern and more southerly species. Glacial, marine and other soils add a further element of diversity. And, forests before European settlement developed in response to frequent natural events driving ecological processes at small scales. The results are a varied forest structure and species composition across the landscape. Human history especially over the last 2-3 centuries has played a further, crucial role in determining how trees and forests have grown and re-grown – after clearing, agricultural use, and timber harvesting, but also in response to myriad other influences. The woodlots of today often offer evidence of events long past. Untangling these histories and ecological responses is part of the enjoyment of today’s forested landscape. Just as important, the future of these forests will be strongly influenced by human factors and decisions today – those within and outside our control.

Morten Moesswilde is Maine Forest Service District Forester for the Midcoast District, including Waldo, Knox, Lincoln, and Kennebec counties, an area of about 1.5 million acres that is roughly 75% forested. As District Forester he provides forest management and conservation information and assistance to a wide audience, including landowners, loggers, foresters, municipalities, non-profits, schools, and others interested in the diverse forests of Maine’s midcoast. He has worked for Maine Forest Service since 1999, previously serving as Landowner Outreach Forester/Stewardship Coordinator, and Water Resources Forester. Morten is Maine Licensed Forester #3230. He holds an M.S. in Forestry from the University of Maine in Orono, and a B.A in Biology from Williams College. He also studied forestry for two years in Freiburg, Germany. He lives in Belfast with his family.